Building WolvenKit with Visual Studio

Install .NET 5

Install the latest Visual Studio release

Required files

  1. All the required files are either NuGet packages, which will automatically be downloaded on pressing Build, or readily included in the package in the Libs directory.

  2. If, for some reason, the LFS quota is depleted, the renderer prerequisite libs can be acquired here:

Build and Run

  1. Open WolvenKitFormats.sln

  2. Build WolvenKitFormats on Release (not Debug) < This is the problem causer

  3. Switch to WolvenKit.sln

  4. Build WolvenKit.sln on Debug or Release doesn't matter.

  5. Run WolvenKit.exe (in WolvenKit\bin\<Debug|Release>\net5.0-windows\win-x64\).

  6. Profit.