Asset Browser

Live Archive Explorer

What is the asset browser.

The asset browser is used to navigate, search and filter files so you can transfer these to the Project Explorer.

How to use the asset browser

  • Search a file.

  • Double click it. This transfers it to your project.

Search & Navigation

The asset browser is multifunctional in terms of its navigation. It also offers Searching and Filtering on multiple columns.

Searching and filtering with the asset browser.

You can search by typing in the box shown in the picture below.


You can filter columns as seen in the picture below.


The asset browser has the following methods of navigation.

  • BreadCrumb Windows like navigation bar.

  • Tree Navigator Click to navigate.

Tree Navigator
  • DataGrid Navigation and "transfers" by double clicking items.


Transfer to project

The asset browsers main purpose is to transfer files to your project.

Transfering files to the project.

  • Double click a file to transfer a file to your current project.