Quest Editor

Let's make some quests and create some banging moments!

The Quest Editor is a visual tool that allows the user to create, change and view the quest file in Cyberpunk 2077/The Witcher 3: WH.

In the current state of development, the tool is still in ADVANCED STAGES of research and creation. We now have a visual representation and a dedicated tool that let the user modify certain attribues and values within the graph. Even with this, the possibility to create and make you own quests are still in work. The user can use third party tools such as 010 Editor to open and research, find raw values in the scene files data to get the nodeIDs and use them in the Quest Editor. Keep in mind that the changes that can be made are LIMITED. As of now, audio, dialogues, voiceovers, triggers, UI elements, position and rotation of objects and animations, conditions, fact checking and appearances are the only ones that can be altered without any issue.

Our goal is to create an intuitive interface to translate the raw data from the files into a visual, user friendly one and make it editable. (As development goes, this page will be updated)

Updated: June 11th, 2021.